Pitch No. 1

22 August 2017


Our First Pitch Was Quite The Learning Experience

After working 18 hour days for weeks, honing every slide for content and spending


more time editing than writing we managed to get everything we wanted to say


down to the required 6 minute pitch - 12 slides - 30 seconds a slide,


We were very proud of what we had to sell


However the judges didn't exactly share the same opinion!


Upon arrival at the venue we were told we had 4 minutes, not 6 and the format


would be a "speed dating" structure, instead of presenting to the entire room


all at once, we had to set up in front of 2 judges for 4 minutes, then move onto the next


table and give the same pitch over again repeating to 5 different judging stations!


After feeling like we had the rug pulled out from under us it became very clear


we needed to be ready for anything, at any given moment.


Althoug we didn't win the first prize we did pique an investors interest and was


asked to provide our complete deck for further review.


We did have a great support group from the VIP Mastermind who also


had their share of opinions and you know what they say about opinions!


Just kidding guys, thanks for being there, can't wait to do it again and we will!


Stay tuned we will announce the next venue for our second pitch very soon!




Proformance Sports is a start up in the
emerging field of intelligent sports equipment.

As a start up we're very busy with everything from ground breaking product design and engineering to market research studies and networking, business plan writing, patent submissions, business model development and networking,
pitching investors and . . . more networking.

Want to learn more about Proformance Sports, attend our first investor pitch at:

22 August 2017
6pm to 9pm (EDT)
Bond Collective
55 Broadway
New York, NY 10014

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